Dance Break (October 27, 2011)

  1. Rotary Waltz – Thinking Over (165 bpm) by Dana Glover*
  2. West Coast Swing – The Way I Are (114 bpm) by Timbaland
  3. Cross-Step Waltz – Anna Rose (120 bpm) by Vienna Teng
  4. Street Swing – Someday (128 bpm) by Black Eyed Peas*
  5. Rotary Waltz – Life After You (156 bpm) by Daughtry
  6. East Coast Swing – Coming Home (180 bpm) by The Baseballs
  7. One Step – Dragons (124 bpm) by Caravan Palace*
  8. Club Two Step – The Tower (152 bpm) by Vienna Teng
  9. Sweet Lindy – Doormat (120 bpm) by King Pajama
  10. Cross Step Waltz – Can’t Let You Go (126 bpm) by Matchbox Twenty
  11. Cha Cha – The World As I See It (120 bpm) by Jason Mraz
  12. Rotary Waltz – Crazy Girl (150 bpm) by Eli Young Band
  13. Lindy – Crazy Little Thing Called Love (154 bpm) by Queen
  14. Rotary Waltz – Brielle (138 bpm) by Sky Sailing

Note: Songs marked with an asterisk are edits of the originals.

For Next Time: More cross step waltz, which is what I had originally planned (one more near the beginning, and one more near the end), but I unthinkingly let requests and time pressure push them out.

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