Dance Break (November 17, 2011)

Here’s my set list from Dance Break at Stanford, November 17, 2011.¬†Thanks to all who came!

  1. Rotary Waltz – “Nothing Else Matters” (165 bpm) by Lee Mead
  2. Street Swing, etc – “In My Head” (110 bpm) by Jason Derulo
  3. Schottische – “No Rain” (154 bpm) by Blind Melon
  4. Swing – “The Lady is a Tramp” (180 bpm) by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
  5. Cross Step Waltz – “Your Hand in Mine” (111 to 126 bpm) by Explosions in the Sky*
  6. One Step – “All Aboard” (130 bpm) by Iain Mackenzie*
  7. Foxtrot – “Leather and Lace” (156 bpm) by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley
  8. Rotary Waltz – “Me and the Moon” (171 bpm) by Something Corporate
  9. Polka – “Bulletproof” (122 bpm) by La Roux
  10. Tango – “Mi Confession” (134 bpm) by The Gotan Project*
  11. Club Two Step – “Look After You” (164 bpm) by The Fray*
  12. Cross Step Waltz – “The Last Waltz” (123 bpm) by Cho Young-Wuk
  13. Waltz-Time Foxtrot – “Strong Enough” (78 bpm) by Sheryl Crow
  14. Shim Sham & Lindy – “The Shim Sham Song” (168 bpm) by Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra
  15. Cross Step Waltz – “What Tau Sounds Like” (126 bpm) by Michael Blake*
  16. Rotary Waltz – “Marunae” (162 bpm) by E.S. Posthumus*

Note: Songs marked with an asterisk are edits of the originals.

For Next Time: Be willing to adapt tempos on the fly to suit the dancers (i.e., 171 bpm rotary is great for some crowds, but not for others). Also, waltz-time foxtrot is awesome! (For those who don’t know, waltz-time foxtrot is SSQQ foxtrot to really slow waltz music. You take slow steps on 1 and 2, and then split count 3 with two quick steps.¬†“Strong Enough” (78 bpm) by Sheryl Crow is perfect for it.)

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