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A collection of contemporary foxtrot music.

Slower Foxtrot (Probably Box Step)

Faster Foxtrot (Probably Magic Step)

Waltz-Time Foxtrot

Waltz-time foxtrot is magic step (SSQQ) foxtrot to really slow waltz music. You take slow steps on 1 and 2, and then split count 3 with two quick steps. It’s good for those waltzes you like (especially those with a heavy beat) that are too slow for waltzing.

Depending on the song, foxtrot can also be danced to Six Count Swing, Club Two Step, and Schottische music.

To learn more about dancing foxtrot, see Dancing Moves – Foxtrot.


Includes songs collected from the set lists of Richard PowersJoan Walton, and Bob Carragher.


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