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A collection of contemporary salsa music.

To learn more about dancing salsa, see Dancing Moves – Salsa.


While I enjoy dancing salsa to the latin jazz above, I also enjoy dancing it to other kinds of music: latin pop, or really any fast QQS music. But whenever I play such music as “Salsa,” the salseros in the room are decidedly displeased.

It seems that while “Tea for Two” paved the way for cha-cha-cha-ing to popular music decades ago, there has yet to be a similar evolution in salsa dancing. While I want to see (and help) this evolution occur, for now, I will respect the preference of these salseros, and call my “pop salsa” something else: for lack of a better name, I’ll call it “Soda.” Below, I share some of my favorite songs for “Soda.”


Includes a song collected from the repertoire of Decadance.


Know another good salsa (or soda) song? Share it below!

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